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Friday, February 28, 2014

They think you're stupid because you are

  Well, now, this is just embarrassing.
  The Obama people gave us the ridiculously dependent and easily spoofed Julia campaign, depicting a young woman who couldn't do anything without government assistance and couldn't seem to keep a man around the house.
  Maybe she couldn't because the man was like the "insufferable man child" Pajama Boy who arrived on the scene advertising Obamacare with his cold tootsies tucked into his footies and bearing a cuppa cocoa with marshmallows, presumably the little colored ones.
  Then there are the bros and hos advertisements that appeal to only the most cro-magnon among us who think copulating like animals with whom or whatever walks by the desk is the most noble way to exist .
  And don't forget the cutesy Obamacare animal advertisements that are all over the internet, the target demographic of whom are young women, though one has to assume these are young women over the age of 26 once they're off their parents' insurance. 
  Insulting? Creepy? Infantilizing?
  Uh, yeah.
  Speaking of sickeningly sweet, digest this.

  Well, keep 'em stupid and laughing at cat videos.
  Most recently Michelle Obama went on the Jimmy Fallon show to advertise kale chips and dancing as exercise.
  Wow. Is this an improvement on Jay Leno or what? I mean, can you stand it?
  <squeal> Don't you love her new drawn on eyebrows? The ones that aren't drawn on devilishly pointed? They're called "boyish brows" and we're lovin' em!
  Like, ew! 
  This is comedy in its truest, most intellectual form, guys!!!
   And now, even in the midst of war, a complete upheaval and takeover of Ukraine and the advance of Russian ships below the coast of Florida, the American president shows us how to work it, baby!
  Running for 45 seconds in a tie and pleated plants! Now that's a workout, topped off with that 8 ounce glass of water! Is that even better than a cat video or what? For a guy who wears mom jeans, he must be sweating! 
  Well, now, America, I realize the title of this post is objectionable.
  But YOU elected this man...twice.
  As an elderly retiree, I have determined I will have #nosympathy for you because you bought this guy's shtick , you might say, ho-sale, and now you're paying for it. 
  If you'd done your homework, you'd have known what a poseur this guy and his liberty grabbing commies were.
  So, yeah, you're stupid. 
  It's just the way they want you.


  1. He does throw like a girl. See you got home.

  2. I'm expecting demasculation for all true males soon. It's part of Obamacare, paid for by your tax dollars.