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Friday, February 14, 2014

Obama "cult of personality" crisis? Ya THINK?

   It appears some scrawny chickens are coming home to roost.
  A new Fox News poll finds voters are--wait for it--disillusioned with Obamacare.
  Fifty five percent of people under 30 think it stinks and now wonder why. They're the ones who are supposed to be paying for the rest of us, even though they are the healthiest.
  Though it's mind numbingly bizarre that 37 % are "glad the law passed," (suggesting they haven't been in the doctor's office recently), it's encouraging that:
Fifty-five percent of voters wish the health care law had never passed.  That includes majorities of young people under age 30 (55 percent) and those with annual household incomes under $50,000 (52 percent), as well as more than a quarter of Democrats (28 percent).
  Are most Americans waking up to the fraud that is being perpetrated in DC? It appears so, which is why so many Democrats are begging Obama to fraudulently continue to abuse the power of the IRS to stop those with whom they do not agree and help them get reelected.
  Though only Democrats think the Obamacare mess was a good idea, the fact that young people who usually identify themselves as Democrats is a source of curiosity. In fact, 64% of voters believe that the law wouldn't have passed if they were given all the facts while they were awake.
  In fact, James Taranto and others have termed this POTUS the *asterisk President" since, quite frankly, Barack Obama has been proven over and over to be a willing and cheerful liar, willing to bend any rule and reconfigure both promises and laws to suit his will.
  Brilliant Leftist Jonathan Turley has finally figured out that perhaps Obama is not worthy of the worship he's been according, suggesting that following the (ludicrous) leadership of Obama "borders on the cult of personality.:
Law professor Jonathan Turley said he's astonished by how passive Americans -- especially Democrats -- have been to President Obama's abuse of executive power, which he said has become so dangerous it's making the U.S. political system unstable.
"I think that we've become a nation of enablers. We are turning a blind eye to a fundamental change in our system. I think many people will come to loathe that they remained silent during this period," Turley, who teaches at George Washington University, told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Wednesday.
"I'm afraid this is beginning to border on a cult of personality for people on the Left."
  Gee, I dunno, Professor Turley, what was your first clue? Where were you in 2008?

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