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Friday, February 28, 2014

About that ego trip to Capitol Hill?

Let's hope this news spreads and then maybe we'll see less celebrity testimony on Capitol Hill. It takes quite a bit of vanity to assume that subject not the speaker bores people especially when the speaker is an actor- comedian. Could it be the senator are not prioritizing Seth Rogen? I'm sure playing to an empty house is no fun but, hey, that's show biz. We all have personal tragedies in our lives but most of us do not expect to have 100 senators, most of them awake, listening to our personal travails. Did Rogen think Barbara Boxer was going to pass him a Kleenex? or that John McCain would even knows who he was? or that Kelly Ayotte would grant him a private audience? Hell yes he did and he is damn disappointed.
So how did Rogen handle his diappointment. By going to Twitter to cry.

 Maybe keeping comedians happy is a low priority.

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