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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Well, Karl Rove, what do you do now?

  It appears that Karl Rove's organization's donations are down NINETY-EIGHT percent since he decided to target the Tea Party.
  I've just been wondering who these RINOs think they're going to get to vote for them. They're idiots if they think the phony immigration push will get them any votes. Religious folks are mad; now they're targeting the Tea Party.
  To boot (hopefully), John Boehner has been an a worthless "leader," a perfect mirror image to Barack Obama's bully, lying down and taking the opposite image of doing absolutely nothing in response to the multitude of Constitutional abuses practiced by this administration.
  Those little peeps like us out here have been contributing to groups and candidates themselves; cut the head off the snake, we are.
  Haw haw. 
  Get him off FNC now too. Can't stand the sight of his face.
   The stats for the rest are in at Breitbart. They don't know what the HECK they are doing:
The most interesting data from Friday's reports is the surging financial strength of conservative SuperPACs. Karl Rove's three SuperPACs collectively raised $6.1 million last year. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, where I am Political Director, alone raised $6.4 million. The four largest conservative SuperPACs raised $20 million. GOP establishment SuperPACs raised just over $7 million. 
Donors haven't stopped giving. They have just stopped giving the Republican party.


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