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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minnesota Tea Party disses McFadden

Seeing Al Franken defeated means more to most of us than just picking up another senate seat. Many of us continue to think that he holds office by virtue of voter fraud. He should be True the Vote's poster boy. For some reason national Republicans do not view Senator Franken as vulnerable notwithstanding the fact that he won by only 351 votes over a very weak Norm Coleman in an election dominated by Barack Obama. The young voters who came out for Obama gave Franken 50% of the vote in a 3 way race, something that is not apt to happen again.
In early February grassroots activists met all throughout the state for their precinct caucuses. State Senator Julianne Ortman won 31% of the vote and "centrist" businessman Mike McFadden 23%. Four other candidates split the remaining vote. The votes were non binding and the official nomination will be voted on in the May state convention. Essentially the race is between Ortman and McFadden.
McFadden's forte seems to be raising Washington money. That and glad handing Minnesota Tea Party groups, expressing enthusiasm at the idea of working with them but curiously never finding time to meet with them. It's a safe bet he has the makings of another Norm Coleman whose TARP vote may have cost him his seat. Activist delegates, more than money, will determine the nominee and McFadden may not have a chance to spend his money in the general election. While prowling Tea Party web sites, I found this podcast at the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance. I strongly recommend it to your attention. McFadden's name comes up at the 7 minute mark.

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