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Friday, February 7, 2014

Hillary doesn't look so inevitable in Colorado

So Hillary isn't inevitable after all! This Quinnipiac poll, although only a poll of Colorado voters, ought to give Democrats cause to worry. In the near term they have a Senate seat in peril and in 2016 Clinton loses to both Rand Paul and Paul Ryan.
Hillary Clinton 43% Rand Paul 47%
Hillary Clinton 43% Paul Ryan 48%
Hillary Clinton 44% Ted Cruz 43%
Hillary Clinton 43% Chris Christie 42%
Senator Mark Udall has a 45% approval rating and is still the front runner but barely. Paired in 5 possible match ups he prevails by the skin of his teeth.
Mark Udall 45% Ken Buck 42%
Mark Udall 43% Randy Baumgardner 41%
Mark Udall 44% Owen Hill 39%
Mark Udall 43% Amy Stephens 41%
Mark Udall 45% Jaime McMillan 38%

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