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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

89% of coal fired plants to go offline in January

  Joe Bastardi meteorologist at The Patriot Post believes next winter will be as bad as this one. The complication:
Now here is what is scary to me. In talking to people in the energy industry, 89% of coal fired plants that are operating now by supplying electricity will be forced off line on Jan. 1, 2015 by EPA regulations. I want you to imagine what this winter's energy situation would be like without those plants operating. Two weeks ago, I said the pattern between Jan. 20-Feb. 5 would be a “crisis of cold.” While we see a brief break in the East this weekend, we believe a cold stormy February is on the way for the nation.
  Got that?
  Eighty nine percent of coal fired plants will be offline in less than a year because of EPA regulations.
  Will Obama's cold heart relent? Will his people try to heat our homes with solar panels? Windmills?
  I think not.
  Who needs an EMP to knock out our electricity when we have Obama's EPA?

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