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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PPP Poll: Landrieu leads Cassidy by 1 loses to Phil Robinson by 4

Ads from Americans for Prosperity such as this one are driving down Democrat polling numbers in states and congressional districts where they are running. So far AFP has spent about $2 million in ad buys in North Carolina and Louisiana and they are effective. From the latest PPP poll from Louisiana;
Early attack ads on Landrieu have taken a big toll on her approval ratings. She was on slightly positive ground in August at 46/43, but now faces a -15 spread with only 37% of voters giving her good marks to 52% who disapprove. It's no coincidence that her 52% disapproval rating is almost identical to the 53% disapproval rating Obamacare has in the state, compared to only 33% of voters who approve of it. Similarly to Kay Hagan the early ad blitz seems to have had the effect of creating a strong correlation between attitudes toward Landrieu and attitudes toward Obamacare.
In August Landrieu held a 10 point lead over probable GOP candidate Bill Cassidy, 50% to 40%. Today that lead has been shaved to a single point 45/44. Remember this is a Democratic leaning poll.
Who could really give Mary Landrieu a shellacking? Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson actually leads Landrieu 46/42 in a hypothetical contest. Happy, happy,happy.

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