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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eric Cantor gets a primary challenger

I have never trusted Eric Cantor since he voted with the Democrats on an unconstitutional 90% claw back tax on AIG bonuses that had been authorized by an amendment slipped into the stimulus bill. A 90% tax on a few individuals is constitutional? He has consistently voted the interest of big government and frequently the interests of big business. It is with great joy that I write that he has finally earned a creditable primary opponent. Dave Brat, chairman of the department of economics and business at Randolph-Macon College. Brat has already hired John Pudner of Concentric Direct as his consultant and attracted the attention of David Nordvig of the Richmond Tea Party. “There was almost a collective sigh of relief,” Nordvig says. “People were like, ‘Finally! Finally we have a solid candidate to challenge Cantor.’”
Furthermore he will have access to deep pocketed donors from outside Virginia's 7th district. Brat will not name the donors but says organizations that have indicated interest in his candidacy are “as big as they get.” More.

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