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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The significance of David Wildstein's troubled youth

At the risk of dating myself, I grew up in the golden age of juvenile delinquency. We had movies like Rebel Without a Cause and Blackboard Jungle wherein stars such as James Dean, Sal Mineo, Sydney Poitier, Vic Marrow, Natalie Wood and Dennis Hopper launched careers on the trendy topic of adolescent decadence. The motion picture studios of the day fancied themselves as crusaders in the new war against juvenile delinquency. The characters of Jim Stark and Artie West foretold a world of ruthless and reckless teens but what Cassandra could have warned the world of a creature as morally depraved as the despicable David Wildstein, the infamous litigant of Livingston High?
In their breathless 700 word plus email 5 Things You Should Know About The Bombshell That’s Not A Bombshell Governor Chris Christie and his people waded into their version of the facts prompted by a New York Times story relevant to the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge but under point 4 of the 5 things we should all know about the bombshell that was not a bombshell two bullet points appear that paint a dark picture of young David Wildstein.
  • As a 16-year-old kid, he sued over a local school board election.
  • He was publicly accused by his high school social studies teacher of deceptive behavior.
Again to date myself, this looks like something from the script of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis or Our Miss Brooks. Wildstein unsuccessfully sued at 16 to get on the ballot for the county Republican committee and then ran for the local school board at 17, even though he was below the legal age requirement. A 16 year old kid wants to be a Republican committeeman and then wants to get elected to the school board which would presumably put him in charge of his teachers! Worse yet he was clever enough to dupe his social studies teacher into signing an endorsement letter. Wildstein asked the teacher to sign a piece of paper that turned out to be a letter endorsing his candidacy. It was published in a weekly newspaper.
“The election of David Wildstein will pave the way for a successful school system — now and in the future,” it said. The teacher claimed he did not write the letter but later said he signed it without reading it
He issued a statement at the time saying he signed it without reading it, believing it to be a petition supporting “a write-in campaign.” He said he was in a rush at the end of a school period and was talking to someone. He said that he had been manipulated.
Oh well, if you've see one social studies teacher, you've seen them all but this is juvenile delinquency straight up!
There were no switch blade knives, drag racing, or games of chicken but what sort of a troubled teen tries to sue his way into a precinct committeeman's post and trick his way onto the school board? Talk about depravity! While some may view all this as nothing more frat boy tom foolery it should be clear to the most skeptical of readers that Wildstein was already infected with a virulent "strain of libertarianism", “a very dangerous thought” that the governor perpetually inveighs against. He is a deep cover Tea Party operative who neither respects big government nor Bruce Springsteen. Once he earned the trust of the governor he used his position in the Port Authority to sabotage the career of his old high school friend. Et tu Brute!

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