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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kesha Rogers, a new kind of Democrat!

Kesha Rogers certainly breaks the old Democratic stereotype. While Wendy Davis has grabbed the national headlines in her quest for the Texas governor's mansion Rogers has persevered in her quest to face John Cornyn in the senate race. A loyal disciple of Lyndon LaRouche, she won her primary for congress in 2010 only to be ignored by the Texas Democratic Party. Members were not required to support her, nor was she to be recognized at party meetings or mentioned on the party website's list of candidates. The resolution cited the "illegal activities, discriminatory proclamations and thuggish behavior" of the LaRouche movement.
They may get away with that in a little watched congressional race but when she faces John Cornyn she will be hard to ignore especially with bold photographs such as this.

It's doubtful Obama, with his low poll numbers, will campaign for Rogers but I suspect she will run better against Cornyn than many expect. She launched this ad during her congressional campaign. I doubt if Cornyn has the cojones to top it.



  1. Perfect! Given that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists, the Larouchians look sane by comparison. They might win a few Democratic primaries across the country.

  2. Go Kesha. She hasn't done anything illegal, it's Obama that has committed the crimes. If the Republican leaders don't have the guts to say that, then maybe the Republican voters will. Obama isn't a champion of the poor, he is Wall Street's baby, all the way.