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Thursday, February 20, 2014

So how broken is our broken immigration system?

Regardless of what the US Chamber of Commerce and their servile vassals in the Senate Gang of 8 may say the immigration system is not broken. Enforcement of existing law is abysmal which is something both the Senate and the House should address in their role of oversight. Do not fall into their linguistic trap. Repeating Obama's trite "broken immigration system" cant, as especially Marco Rubio is wont to do, only serves to delegitimize immigration enforcement which is just one result of a decade long decline in governmental integrity. The fault lies not with the Tea Party and the American middle class but with a ruling elite that is incompetent, corrupt, and decadent. In Washington's point of view its failures are the result of callous and bigoted taxpayers. Why would a government that has ruined both education and healthcare  show a minimum of competence when it comes to immigration?
Luckily, those who enter our country legally for the most part respect our laws. They come and go in numbers that would surprise most Americans. On both borders some come and go everyday. Others come on business, to visit relatives, to work temporarily or to study, conduct and conclude their personal business and leave. How many enter the country legally each year? Would you believe 165 million? Not too bad for a broken immigration system! Unfortunately the honor system only works with honorable people. From a DHS publication:
During 2012, there were 165 million nonimmigrant admissions to the United States according to DHS work-load estimates. These admissions included tourists and business travelers from Canada, Mexican nationals with Border Crossing Cards, and admissions of nonimmigrants who are issued Form I-94 (I-94 admissions3). I-94 admissions accounted for 33 percent (53.9 million) of the total admissions. The majority (89 per-cent) of I-94 admissions were temporary visitors for business and pleasure, while 5.7 percent were temporary workers and families and 3.1 percent were students.
Before you say, sure, most all of them go home but we are a nation of immigrants and we don't welcome immigrants because we have become a nation of xenophobic white separatists catch your breath. How many immigrants enter the country legally each year? Again using DHS data, for the year 2012, the latest available year, the number was 1,031,631. The largest nation was Mexico, 146,406, followed by China, 81,784, and India with 66,434. Canada is the sole predominately white nation in the top 20 countries, placing 18th with 12,932. Here we should compare ourselves to the rest of the world. China reciprocated our magnanimity by allowing 1,100 foreign nationals to have immigrant status. Great Britain allowed 490,000 which is pretty good considering its size, while tiny Australia with a population of about 25 million allowed in 220,000.
The United States is not reluctant to grant citizenship to immigrants. Unlike many European countries where masses of immigrants are confined to non citizenship status for lifetimes and even generations the US welcomes the tempest tossed and accepts them as her own. In 2012 the nation conferred citizenship on 757,434 immigrants. Leading the list was Mexico with 102,181, the Philippines with 44,958, and India with 42,928.
The system is broken. Not the immigration system but the political system and many in the Congress are in bad need of termination. We simply cannot continue to employ so many dishonest and incompetent legislators. They have put the need for cheap labor for their friends at FaceBook, the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Round Table above the needs of the middle class. To put it mildly they have aligned themselves with the lawbreakers. They have subordinated the legal to the illegal. The legal fight to deport illegals is lamentable, currently the government loses about half its court cases which is too bad to blame on mere incompetence. Foreign nationals requesting permission to migrate to the US face an 18 month backlog because federal resources have been shifted to processing questionably legal paperwork for the Dreamer generation who can get a permanent permit in about 4 months.
Citizenship is a gift the country bestows on those who obey its laws. Illegal aliens have no right to demand it. It is the prerogative of we the people to make decisions that affect us and our children. As immigration legislation has been stalled by the voices of citizens the non citizens who have no respect for law have promised to intimidate and shame members of congress who will not capitulate. Now is the time to tell congress if it intends to pursue any sectional interest it had better damn well be ours.

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