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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not even a smidgen of corruption as IRS is caught writing regulations in secret

Isn't it time for a special prosecutor to investigate IRS? Why not make it a condition for raising the debt limit? The latest revelation to come to light is that the IRS was secretly making the new regulations relevant to 501 (c) (4)s that have now been sold as a fix to prevent the abuse inflicted upon Tea Party groups. In 2011  while the IRS was singling out Tea Party groups for increased security Lois Lerner and company were secretly drafting rules to justify their illegal behavior. The new rules were “off-plan,” meaning that their plans would not be published on the public schedule.
Secret rules from the IRS and secret FISA courts! What else does a dictatorship need?
In an email to Lois Lerner a Treasury official named Ruth Madrigal wrote;
“Don’t know who in your organizations is keeping tabs on c4s, but since we mentioned potentially addressing them (off -plan) in 2013, I’ve got my radar up and this seemed interesting…,”
Can you say conspiracy? As in conspiracy to deprive members of the Tea Party their rights of assembly and due process?
This story has not received much attention in the media but Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee David Camp is vexed.
“If Treasury and the IRS fabricated the rationale for a rule change it would tend to raise questions about the integrity of the rule-making process.”

Not even a smidgen of corruption!

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  1. How many times have we heard "It wasn't the break-in, it was the cover-up" ? In this particular case, there is a preponderance of evidence that both the original crimes and the slow walk/stonewall/obfuscation lead back to the White House.