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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Will the next Republican debate reveal that only Obama and Trump think we are at war?

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump did not get to be a billionaire businessman by opening with his best offer. When I wrote that he would win the Muslim travel ban debate I noted that he intentionally tries to make controversial policies sound as unpalatable as possible. He didn't get rich by leaving money on the negotiating table. This the same tactic he used when he spelled out his solution to the Mexican immigration issue and perhaps we will see it again. It is a tactic and not a new tactic but one his opponents fall for every time. Democrats, Republicans, and the media cannot resist taking the bait. I just looks too good. They can't help themselves. They fuss, fume and tweet while waiting for the polling data. Then they cultivate acceptance.
There are at least 3 advantages to this ploy. First it moves the debate from the middle of the field toward his position. Now the entire electorate expects that as president Trump would build that wall and at least enforce immigration law at the border and the workplace even if he cannot deport all 11 million. Second it allows the opposition to claim some sort of face saving victory. If for instance an open border lobby could insist that he only deport 10 million an agreement here would be a huge victory. Third, it emboldens those who feel the same to come forward.
Larry Kudlow would be an example of the third advantage. Kudlow worked in the Office of Budget and Management during the Reagan years and while never being an on air liberal he was circumspect enough to keep a job at CNBC. Since his retirement he has been making noise about opposing Senator Richard Blumenthal to become senator from Connecticut. He has been a consistent conservative but never a wild-eyed Trumpster. Suddenly he is demanding that the border be secured and all visa waivers be halted. In a post at National Review Online he makes it clear he is ready to go to the mattresses.
I know this is not my usual position. But this is a war. Therefore I have come to believe there should be no immigration or visa waivers until the U.S. adopts a completely new system to stop radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country. A wartime lockdown. And a big change in my thinking. ISIS and related Islamic terrorists are already here. More are coming. We must stop them. Until FBI director James Comey gives us the green light, I say seal the borders.
A wartime lockdown? Trump didn't go that far. Kudlow points out that he does not agree with Trump that Muslims should be banned as he would ban everyone but in doing so he makes Trump sound like the moderate. Now that polls show considerable support for Trump's position how many Republican candidates will maintain in the next debate that migration to the United States is a global civil right? One suspects they will be very close to either Trump or Kudlow by Tuesday.

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