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Friday, December 18, 2015

Thanks Speaker Ryan. Omnibus spending bill promises more foreign workers, more Syrian refugees, more abortions, and more cyber surveillance.

Numbers USA, the immigration reform group has put members of Congress on notice that it will score votes on the omnibus spending bill. A letter to House members reads in part;
At a time when U.S. immigration policy is under public fire for endangering national security, taking scarce jobs from American workers, and depressing American wages, it is outrageous that Congress would use the omnibus spending bill to double down on precisely these objections.
The bill completely thwarts the will of the American people--and risks their physical safety--by fully funding President Obama's plan to bring to the United States an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees who cannot be properly vetted, according to the FBI and intelligence experts. In fact, the omnibus increases funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is responsible for resettling refugees in the United States, by more than $100 million over last year's level.
Even worse, the omnibus includes a provision that would effectively quadruple low-skilled H-2B temporary non-agricultural workers and further undercut America's most vulnerable workers. This provision has not been debated by any congressional committee and has no place in a spending bill.
In truth the spending bill goes beyond permitting Obama to import 10,000 Syrian potential terrorists it provides $1.6 billion to resettle them. This is a betrayal of the voters. The H-2B visa program was expanded without discussion. There were no committee hearings. It is blatant constituency service for a few wealthy Washington insiders whom Speaker Ryan views as his true constituency.
Also slipped into the corrupt document although not as egregious as continuing the funding of the giant baby parts wholesaler Planned Parenthood is the cyber security language that has garnered bipartisan opposition from Republican Justin Amash and Democrat Zoe Lofgren. Again with no hearings.   "The bill should not be in the omnibus. It's a surveillance bill more than a cyber bill. I'm going to vote against the omnibus as a consequence," say Lofgren.
In the end there is nothing in this bill for the nation writ large. It's merely graft. Do just be angry, call (202) 224-3121 and give your congressman an earful.

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