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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump will win the Muslim travel ban debate

Here we go again. One would think seasoned media figures and especially fellow Republican presidential candidates would learn to listen to Donald Trump before they comment. When he said he would build a wall there was unanimous outrage. He was a xenophobic, racist, jingoistic, chauvinistic imbecile who would be hounded of of the presidential race if not the country. Univision dropped his Miss Universe contest and Macy's cancelled his line of ties and shirts. The Mexican government found his remarks to be "prejudicial and absurd" and front runner Jeb Bush assured everyone that the wall would not work and furthermore the Republican Party faced "a stark choice–both on issues and world view between himself and the real estate mogul and reality television celebrity"
Since then Trump has sued Univision, 30,000 Macy customers have cut up their Macy's credit cards and Jeb Bush is at 3% in the polls, the voter having made the stark choice–both on issues and world view between him and the real estate mogul and reality television celebrity.
Today when Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country until "our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." his fellow candidates went berserk as did the media. Here's a sample:

Is a temporary ban on all Muslim travel to this country all that far out? President Obama did say the nation was at war with ISIL. If the country is on a wartime footing is not security to be taken seriously? The House and Senate are currently trying to draft legislation that would prevent an influx of Syrian refugees. Is that dangerous and bombastic? The fact that San Bernardino shooter Malik Tashfeen entered the country legally as did the Tsamarv brothers and all of the 9/11 hijackers certainly begs the question as to how well visa applicants are vetted. But just because a plan may be reasonable doesn't mean that's the way Trump sells it. He appears to go out of his way to to make it sound  unpalatable, allow the critics to take their shots and watch as his poll numbers rise. His critics always take the head fake, fume, fret and tweet and eventually crawfish their way close to his position. Within a week all of the GOP candidates will be close to Trump's position. He plays them and they love it.

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