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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Obama administration incompetence on display in DHS hearing

  I had heard about this DHS employee's performance in front of the House Oversight Committee but hadn't seen it until now.
  Her behavior is just incredible: it brings to mind more questions about Obama's appointees.
  Does he pick incompetent people on purpose to fulfill the Alinsky model of overwhelming the system with enormous debt, a huge bureaucracy that will collapse of its own weight, thus ushering in a more totalitarian government to solve everyone's infantile needs?
  Why are there so many people like this in his administration?
  Like the Obamacare website that cost millions and millions of dollars more than any other website in the world and yet still fails to operate correctly, does Obama intentionally find cronies who are willing to look like complete dolts to the entire country and yet destroy any semblance of organization or efficiency only to be offered some cushy crony job when they leave the most transparent administration in the history of the country?

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