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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Under Obama, we really are two different nations

  We are indeed two nations.
  In one nation, people are allowed to say and do whatever they please.
  In another, people fight their government at every turn and are prosecuted for speaking their minds.
  In one nation, citizens have protectors bearing arms against marauders.
  In another, citizens are arrested for personally bearing those arms for protection.
  In one nation, people sit down to meals that cost thousands of dollars at an exclusive highly touted eatery, even while admonishing the hoi polloi against getting near the expensive crystal, joking "you can't afford [to replace it]."
  In another, homeless veterans roam the streets, estimated to be as high as 1 in 4 homeless people.
  In one nation, racism is ignored by the media. It's no big deal to threaten to murder 16 white guys. 
  In another, a leader elected by a majority of people declares racism is "in our DNA."
  In one nation,  children spoiled by indulgent parents and racist overly protective academicians are storming offices, demanding reparations and counseling if someone disagrees with them. Microaggressions range from perceived slights to needing police assistance and then counseling after the terrible trauma of finding a mouse in their apartment.
  In another, a university president announces it's not a bad thing to have a conscience because a university is not a day care center and young people fight and die in other countries, protecting and defending, regardless the ROE declared by the first nation.
  In one nation, a leader stands in another country where dozens of people were injured and murdered and claims massive shootings only happen in America.
  In another, in that same leader's home town a citizen--usually the same race as that same leader-- is murdered every 17 hours by another citizen as the same race as that same leader.
  There's more, of course, but we are all getting the picture.
  Under Obama, the elite have created their own Hunger Games capital, as the wealthiest areas in the entire country are concentrated in the capital, surrounded by other districts who wallow in poverty, anger and crime.
  Congratulations, Barack Obama.
  You have indeed fundamentally transformed America.
  Apparently it was all part of your plan
  Most of us don't agree with you but that'd be hard to figure out, given that much of the media who are supposed to report the truth are part of your coterie.

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