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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mr. Brokaw, have you no shame?

It's both fair and accurate, I believe, to define the Washington Establishment as primarily the leadership of both political parties, lobbyists, political consultancies, high level bureaucrats and former elected and appointed officials and most importantly the enforcer of Establishment ethics, the liberal media. Since 2010 the Tea Party has challenged the Establishment and for its efforts has been subjected to abuse from high level bureaucrats primarily from the IRS and from a almost constant barrage of malice and calumny from the liberal media.
As of late Donald Trump with the support of some Tea Party partisans and opposition from other has emerged as the chief threat to Washington insiders and their privileged way of life. When Trump challenged liberal dogma and political correctness he incurred bipartisan wrath as could be expected. If there is one thing the highest elected office holder of both parties, Speaker Paul Ryan and Barrack Obama, through his spokesman Josh Ernest, could agree upon it was Donald Trump is no good. He is not who we are. He does not represent the thinking of most Americans and the final absurdity, he is a recruiting tool for ISIS.
Enter media henchman Tom Brokaw whose organization NBC, regularly probes the lower limits of journalistic integrity with blatant falsehoods from Brian Williams and Obama administration talking points served up by Al Sharpton as if they were his own. In less than 3 minutes Brokaw manages to compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler and Joe McCarthy while linking him to the Japanese interment and the Jim Crow South concluding with Obama's premise that any criticism of Islam is a recruiting tool for ISIS.


  1. I don't understand why the archivists never give us a glimpse of Senator McCarthy's handsome aide, the dashing Robert Kennedy.

    So Trump instituted internment camps and upheld segregation? Now he recruits for ISIS? Isn't there someone at NBC who is supposed to say, "Hey Brokaw, lose the clown nose!"?

    Donald Trump is the funnest (and funniest) thing to happen to America since Sarah Palin ruffled the feathers of the political class.

  2. McCarthy refused to campaign for JFK's opponent because of his relationship with the family.

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