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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Once again Trump has played the media like a Stradivarius.

This is getting as predictable as a Chevy Chase pratfall on the old Saturday Night Live. Once again Donald Trump has served up the red meat and once again cable television has taken the bait and once again has rewarded the Donald with hours of free media attention.
Charles Krauthammer is old enough to know better. He laments the "coarsening of our culture' while forgetting the connotation the adjective Trumanesque once had. Yes, President Harry Truman once called newspaper columnist Drew Pearson a son of a bitch. To his credit Truman confined is Chaucerian English to private conversations but the public was well aware of his spicy vocabulary.
Trump could have said the Hillary had been gypped out of the nomination but the political correctness crowd would have had a cat so he used a Yiddish noun which he converted to a verb. Hillary Clinton ' got schlonged ' according Trump. Of course he wasn't speaking literally. Most voters suspect Hillary has been literally schlonged in a month of Sundays but Trump's choice of that euphemism was calculated to send the media into a screaming frenzy and as usual the media was quick to comply.
Eventually Trump's defenders turned the questioning of Trump's words into the questioning of Bill Clinton's actions in the White House as the nation's Schlonger-in-Chief but again Trump has played the media like a Stradivarius.


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