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Monday, December 21, 2015

Pardon My Schadenfreude

Steve Harvey says no one feels worse about the Miss Universe error than he does. Ya think?
"Miss Universe host Steve Harvey says no one feels worse than he does about his mistake awarding Colombia the crown before Miss Universe. Harvey spoke to reporters assembled at the Planet Hollywood hotel-casino where the pageant concluded with him awarding the crown to the wrong person."
How the hell does something like this happen? Colombia contestant Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo was already wearing the crown and had walked down the runway before Harvey caught the mistake. Normally I don't comment on show biz but there is a certain irony to the faux paz. For several years the Miss Universe Contest had been a Donald Trump enterprise until Univision in a fit of moral pique severed the connection after Trump made less than flattering comments about the low morality of some Mexican illegals.
Celebrity judge and ass clown Perez Hilton celebrated the liberation from the racist Trump and Harvey was much amused.

But not for long.

Trump was quick to capitalize on the error.

Not content with his on air fiasco Harvey took to Twitter to prove that his writing skills are just as lacking as his reading skills by misspelling the countries of origin of both contestants. The tweet was captured before Harvey could delete it.

Hey! When you're hot you're hot. Trump is like an Old Testament God. Mock him and there is immediate retribution.


  1. At least Steve Harvey apologized to the Philippians. These people have not been addressed for 2000 years. Do you think the Philistines will get an apology too?