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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Those Crazy Interventionist Republicans

The GOP presidential debates have been hard on viewers. With 9 people speaking at once there is a general drift from topic leaving the viewer grasping for continuity and coherence. Kudos to Wolf Blitzer who stumbled upon a real divide in the Republican Party, a substantial and important divide. On the matter of foreign policy Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Donald Trump part company with the rest of the field. They define their objective quite simply to protect the nation by destroying ISIS, limiting immigration and securing the border. The remainder of the field is stuck in the NeoCon thinking of the Bush - Cheney era. They would remove Bashar Assad, establish a no fly zone in Syria, repartition Iraq, punch Putin in the nose, shoot down Russian planes and somehow conscript an army of moderate Sunni Muslims to do the dirty work. The Book of Revelations looks like rather modest speculation compared to the things they have planned for this planet.

Had Donald Trump threatened to shoot down a Russian fighter jet Paul Ryan would have again broken his rule of not commenting on presidential politics and excoriated Trump. Reince Priebus would have begun chatting about a contested convention again and someone from NATO would have denounced him as a war monger. Even during the cold war Christie's empty-headed threat would have been condemned in the world press but probably because of his insignificance in the race his opinion went unnoticed. To refer to John Kasich as unhinged would almost be a redundancy. The man is a brick shy of a full load but just for spite he would punch Russia in the nose as soon has he finishes repartitioning Iraq. Marco Rubio would be better served running in the other party. He backed Obama and Hillary in the Libyan War and his role in the Gang of 8 immigration bill would make him a certain for Veep. Carson, Cruz, Trump and Paul have a realistic perception of governments' ability to do good while the establishment pack have boundless faith.
And we thought Trump and Cruz were the crazies.

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