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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Black Votes Matter!

The media was eager to announce that Donald Trump had met with 100 black pastors but failed to secure an endorsement. It is reported that the meeting was cordial and lasted for 3 hours. One can score the attempt as a loss for Trump but had Mitt Romney managed to persuade a little more than half a million blacks to change their votes from D to R he would be president today. Yes, just 1,074,523 black votes coming from Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit and Richmond would have sealed the deal. Obama won Michigan by 449,313, Ohio by 166,272, Pennsylvania by 309,840 and Virginia by 149,298. Those 4 states cast 67 electoral votes which would have given Romney a total of 273.
Nationwide Obama carried 93% of the black vote and it's very doubtful that Hillary can begin to match that. As can be seen in the graphic below Hillary is not trending in the right direction. To win the election all Trump must do is pare Hillary's share of the black vote to less than 85%. Black votes matter and Trump, should he win the nomination, needs to court this group.

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