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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

So who won last night's debate?

  Charles Hurt is right in one respect; the next debate needs to be winnowed down to the primary candidates, including Bush, Kasich, Paul and maybe even Carly need to drop down to the kids' debate. Overrun that debate with the lesser popular candidates.
  As far as who won.
  Well, I hate to say it, but I think Trump performed well, generally, though I did not see the opening 20 minutes due to grandkids screaming in the background.
  Bush, Kasich and Paul all seem to have a bad case of indigestion and maybe even constipation. Carly is an excellent debater and I'd hate to see her go but she doesn't seem to be getting any traction. She did well by focusing on Hillary and the larger issues rather than sniping at the other candidates.
  I am a huge Carson fan; he's a fine human being and will be my number one candidate until he drops out.
  Cruz sounded good but again I keep hearing women say they simply do not like him: something about him irritates women.  We'll see how that goes: his investment banker wife is said to be an important part of Cruz's future success; even Dershowitz says Cruz was the brightest student he ever taught.
  Cruz's brightness is a real benefit; he knows how to turn a negative situation into a positive. He's not condescending or shrill and he is capable of understanding intellectually how to retrieve success from a difficult situation.
  Trump is bright in his own way, but he, as most of the candidates last night, needs to get some new talking points. I get the feeling Trump is more like a shark in the water, hunting prey and a good opportunity.
  People are saying today that Rubio did well on foreign policy; Rubio seems like a really nice guy but an establishment guy.
  Rumors are out there that Cruz might actually be someone the big money Republicans are looking at. If so, that'd be interesting.
  My personal assessment is that Trump, Cruz and Rubio did well for themselves. Carson's still in the running, but the rest are not.

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