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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump vs Media Group Think

I suspect one of the reasons Donald Trump prefers phone interviews, which both network and cable television is happy to arrange, is because he has trouble keeping a straight face. For a full day he dominated the news cycle while the media beclowned itself. It was like Jerry Springer on all 3 cable channels as alleged experts on religion, constitutional law and electoral politics pondered whether Trump could be indicted for hate speech, how Muslims serving in the military and deployed abroad would ever get home and was this the opportunity that so long had eluded Jeb Bush. It was television at it's very worst in technical terms as if each anchor had been issued a glossary of the most hackneyed prose in the English tongue. Boots on the ground, media firestorm, moderate Muslims, and the perennial favorite, at the end of the day, were served up in an orgy of moral outrage and political correctness. Almost every personage displayed a pained facial expression probably causing many a viewer to wonder if the nation was not in the midst of a hemorrhoid epidemic.
Trump is guilty, guilty of politically incorrect speech and many who consider themselves to be quite immune to that thought malady gave it up for Speaker Paul Ryan who announced that this was not what his party stood for. Only in Washington can a person pass legislation restricting the flow of refugees and condemn someone who suggests taking it one step further. Only in Washington can supposed leaders be so distant from the very real fears of the people they presume to represent. A recent ABC / Washington Post poll found only 26% of Americans wanted to take in Syrian refugees and the House voted 289 to 137 to block the inflow but when Trump proposed expanding the ban to all Muslims until Ryan and his cohorts could figure out how to keep out the likes of Malik Tashfeen, well, that is not what the Republican Party is about.
Many consider Bill Clinton to be the sharpest politician of all time but he could not shine Donald Trump's shoes. It is like Patterson versus Liston or Fischer versus Spassky or Secretariat versus the field. It may not be true tomorrow but today Trump is in a league of his own. He is a real anomaly, a blue collar billionaire who without polling or focus groups is more in tune with the guy mounting tires 40 hours a week than the rest of the Republican Party cum Frank Luntz.
Everybody took the head fake but eventually Trump will roll out the specifics of his presumed plan to persecute Muslims and it will be like his plan for dealing with the Mexican immigration problem. It will be stern but not outrageous. In the meantime Trump has received more free air time than the candidates of both parties could purchase in 10 years.
I meant to post the video below earlier just after it was filmed but enjoy it now. It's unlikely you saw it on television but to balance today's excesses watch the bigoted billionaire interrupt his speech, leave the stage and promise a disabled veteran to do his best to get him the medical care he deserves. It's a bit more genuine than Obama's fainting woman act.

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  1. That video is priceless. I agree with you that he seems more genuine than anything Obama ever did.