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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Too dumb to wash your hands? We have an app for you.

Imagine if you will, that you have just crossed the southern border and now find yourself picking lettuce in the Salinas Valley. Suddenly you realize that no one ever showed you how to wash you hands. No problem. Just whip out your iPhone and download the Hand Washing App. If you are an Android user maybe you can go on sabbatical until an app becomes available for your Obamaphone.
You cannot make this stuff up. Rather than enforce immigration law it is easier to hire illegal workers from God knows where and teach them to wash their hand so the diners at Chipolte don't get E.coli. From an industry web site The Packer.
New field workers can learn about proper handwashing from a smartphone thanks to a new app from the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement.

April Ward, LGMA’s communications director, said during Fresh Summit, that the group just made the app available on Apple devices and soon will have it on Android.

It’s a five-minute video, available in English and Spanish, which shows proper handwashing procedure in six easy steps.

“We know field worker turnover is high, so they need to be able to learn quickly,” Ward said Oct. 25.

She said LGMA’s technical director Mike Villaneva coordinated the effort, and the group plans to have another app on hygiene soon.
Learn quickly? Does she mean by age 40? These workers have reached adulthood without having mastered that arcane skill but if they have 600 bucks to shell out for iPhone they can learn how to not piss on their fingers in only 5 minutes. What next? A put the condom on the cucumber app? Are you bothered by the fact that some people find it easier to use a smartphone than wash their hands?

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