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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Immigration from countries whose populations want to kill us? Stupid.

  I've written before that I'm not a big Trump fan: I dislike that so many of his acolytes behave exactly like Obama's acolytes.
  I also dislike the fact that he is continuing the Obama tradition of excoriating political enemies and lowering the bar for civility. 
  That said, I've also written that every time I say something like that, he says or does something that makes me laugh at the pompous asses who feel they know better than the rest of us rubes. They busily write about Obama's pant creases, their tony vacations abroad with the morons who actually work for a living, and the shock they feel when someone actually tells the truth.
  Really, I despise them. I say this a bit regretfully because I have found that though I am passionate about politics, it doesn't do a person any good to shout invectives at circumstances they can't change.
  But, really, this whole immigration business.
  That jackass Josh "Earnest" stands up at his little podium and announces that Trump should withdraw because he's not fit for office really, really pisses me off, evidence by the fact that I'm swearing while writing and not following my own advice. That the likes of Obama, Hillary and Kerry, after lying repeatedly to the people, contemptuously breaking laws with impunity, lording it over the taxpayers by manipulating tax code and laws, that the likes of those liars would feel they have the moral authority to tell ANYONE they aren't fit for office really pisses me off.
  Hoosierman is right.
  Trump will win this debate.
  Frankly, I don't know exactly what he said. It didn't sound very nice, it's true, but the reality is that something needs to be done about immigration from countries where people want to kill us just because.
  And that's exactly what has the average American angry; they don't take us seriously. They live behind their gated communities with their armed guards and criticize the likes of us for not wanting to end up like Sweden which has become the rape capital of the West, Germany whose population will soon be overwhelmed by young violent immigrants, or France which has no-go zones where police are not allowed to set foot, much less a Jewish person.
  So, yes, Trump WILL win this debate because people are so dang tired of all the political correctness, dodging and manipulation.
  See, we know you laugh at us.
  We know you think you are better than us, smarter than us, richer than us, wiser than us.
  Only thing is you're not.
  Any of those things.
  And we all know it. 
  Trump has a way of sliding the knife in (figuratively speaking) while crudely making his point. 
  Let me be clear.
  I don't feel hostile toward all Muslims. I just think it makes sense to take a break from importing people who want to kill us and I do wonder why the Obama State Department thinks it's even rational to deny Christians--who are the most persecuted in the Middle East--immigration status because they aren't persecuted by their government. They're just being tortured and beheaded because the people of their own countries hate them.
  I also don't want Trump to be president, though I'd vote for him over the liar Hillary.
  I just think, though crudely stated, he's right.
  Since I'm visiting out here in San Bernardino, you can bet that I DO think he's right, even though Obama and the rest of his true believers are acting like there's no such thing as terrorism. 
  OR it's a nuisance. A setback.
  So, no, we don't need James Taylor out here singing "you've got a friend."
  We need the people we pay to keep this country secure to do their jobs.
  Slugs, thugs and profligates.
  And does anyone remember when Jimmy Carter banned Iranians? 
  And about that Constitutional issue? It's not a problem. Instapundit points out that the Supreme Court even upheld FDR's Japanese internment.

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