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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Can Trump win? I'm beginning to think....

  Anyone who reads my blogging (and I DO mean ONE) knows I'm not a huge fan of Donald Trump.
  He worries me for a number of reasons. 
  •   The idolatry of Trump is akin to Obama idolatry. Hey, he's just a guy.
  •   Is Trump a conservative? I don't think so, considering that his book and previous writings indicate he supports national health care, the KELO decision and some pretty erroneous trade/tax provisions. 
  •   Trump claims to love the Bible. Why? Don't claim to love the Bible and be a Christian if you aren't. I'd rather someone be outright about who and what they are than pretend to be something they are not to get votes. I think we've had enough of that.
  That said, I have to say something very strange is happening, so strange that even I am getting wind of it.
  I've just spent the last month in California visiting relatives; I'm not a fan of the state, with all its loans and grievances and inefficiencies.
  Let me share two anecdotes and I might add, that's all they are but still.
  While I was out there, one relative who is absolutely apolitical and who has routinely refused to participate in any political discussions at all made a point to ask what a friend of mine--who again is fairly non-political but anti-Obama--what he thought of Trump.
  Unsolicited, this relative mentioned Obama's Muslim comment. He is not anti-Leftist and certainly not anti-Muslim but said, "Something has to be done. Would it be so bad to call a moratorium for 2 years until we can figure out what the heck we are doing and develop a better system?"
  Now, of course, we were in the San Bernardino area where nerves are still raw after the latest terrorist attack. There's great anxiety for a number of reasons: the San Bernardino has a heavily Muslim populated area, Saed's fellow workers actually gave him a baby shower and Saed had been--extraordinarily--allowed great leeway to go home to pray 5 times and travel on a Hajj.
  So this relative--who is quite mild mannered and pleasant--felt Trump is providing a voice for those of us who simply want a moratorium on importing terrorists until we can filter out the malevolent ones.
  The other unusual event that happened was this.
  Someone completely unfamiliar from San Bernardino struck up a conversation and then asked about Trump.
  This person was Christian with a faint Hispanic accent but was eager to say he feels Trump is the only solution to some of the problems we have which seem so intractable. The conversation was extended but what was most remarkable is that it was so unsolicited and the guy volunteered so much about his feelings about Trump.
  Now I'm not saying this is any bellwether of any kind.
  And admittedly is WAS in San Bernardino.
  But I have to admit that even I am not incapable of some affection for Trump, who at least is confronting issues that the RNC refuses to confront.
  Yet Trump has stirred some emotion in even the least political of us who do not want to see this country ruined. At some point, one has to wonder if the unions will come along, given that the huge rush of immigrants to this country will be not only taking middle class Americans' jobs but will be generally lowering middle class wages.
  It really is quite amusing to see the RNC, the RINOs and even Fox try to stump for first Jeb! and then Rubio.
  So far, it doesn't seem to be working; they are all quite dismissive of the likes of Trump, Cruz and Carson, as if because in their own brilliant brains the political glitterati have figured who can and can't be POTUS.
  Well, we'll just have to see about that.
  Can Trump win?
  I haven't thought so before but. 
  Oh, and BTW, San Bernardino IS the Inland Empire, where you may have seen THIS sign.

Driving N/B 15 fwy in Corona look what we saw had to turn around and record this !!!! 
Posted by Nikki Miles Worden on Friday, December 25, 2015
Hee hee. Then there's New Hampshire....

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