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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trump vs Cruz, Heart vs Head

If we are to believe the hype tomorrows night's CNN debate will be the battle between two Titans, Trump and Cruz for the hearts and minds of the Republican Party. Not quite. Donald Trump has already won its heart but Ted Cruz has won its mind. The thought of a Ted Cruz inauguration few weeks less than 8 years after Rick Santelli's epic rant that launched the Tea Party would be a dream come true. Cruz is not just a Tea Party politician he is the hardest of the hard liners. He has never compromised on a solitary principle of conservatism. One example of his steadfast adherence to principle is his instance that the ethanol mandate be abolished and he had the integrity to tell the corn farmers of Iowa as much. Not even Texas Governor Rick Perry whose home state produces the most oil in the nation agreed. “I don’t think you pull the RFS (Renewable Fuel Standards) out and discriminate against the RFS and leave all these other subsidies,” he said. Almost every other Republican in the field at that time which included Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Scott Walker echoed Perry's sentiment.
Whether the issue is Obamacare, gun rights, abortion or amnesty Cruz has never flinched. He is universally detested by the leadership of both parties and biggest threat to the bipartisan cooperation  since the attack on Fort Sumter.
Trump on the other hand is not without his strong points. He has truly made politics fun. He revels in controversy, he brags, he bullies, he exaggerates but yet there is method to this madness. By breaking every rule of politics and polite decorum he now holds a 27 point lead over the field. In a world of self doubting, equivocating and frequently corrupt sycophants he is a breath of fresh air. He plays the Marlboro Man to Obama"s Pajama Boy. His bold nationalism is a refreshing relief to Obama's global-interdepent-communtiy-of-nations bullshit.
As amusing as his what appears to be impulsive behavior is to watch one must wonder if a Trump administration would be as much fun as a Trump campaign. He has not fought for a single conservative or for that matter liberal principle. Only he knows his true convictions. There is no record on which to judge him. He is a blank slate. It will be an interesting debate.

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