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Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Diamond" and "Silk" bring down the house at Trump's rally

Maybe by the time someone writes the history of the 2016 presidential election it will dawn on them that much of Donald Trump's popularity comes from the fact that he has made politics fun. He would be anathema on major college campuses which are dominated by blue nosed, over privileged, supercilious under achievers but in the heartland he rocks. His campaign rallies are a throw back to the days when Norman Lear and Mel Brooks dominated comedy. If his rallies are short on information they are long on entertainment. They are mocking, irreverent, boisterous and a little bit bawdy. Serious and sometimes outrageous statements are juxtaposed with banter and comic burlesque which drive his success in the polls.
Who else but Donald Trump would invite Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson to share the stage? Mitt Romney? John McCain? Hillary Clinton? No they are too consumed with the importance of their own words.
"Diamond" and "Silk" bring down the house at Trump's Raleigh, North Carolina rally with;
He's gonna build that wall
He's gonna build it tall
He's gonna protect us all

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