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Monday, December 7, 2015

Between parties, Obama scolds America

  So The Prince--Obama--broke himself away from a party with *movie stars*! who undoubtedly slavered all over him encouraging his speech to do nothing to combat terrorism--only to return to the party after those wearisome 13 minutes addressing the issue of dead Americans to live Americans.
  Wait. Was that what the speech was about? 
  Mmmmmm. Maybe it was about how so many Americans are so mean to Muslims. 
  Huh. Or maybe it was about how the people who were murdered who were Asian, black, white.....but what relation does race have--again--to do with the San Bernardino murders? Aren't these are post-racial days, now that we have a black president?
  Huh uh. Well, maybe it was about taking guns away from law abiding citizens so they can't stop murderers like the quiet typical housewife named Tashfeen Malik whose name is also the name of a historical Muslim jihadist "symbolic with Muslim victory over Christians."
    Uh, no. Or maybe it was about shaming Republicans for not passing a law that would actually limit the powers of the presidency.
   Well, maybe that speech was really about the first responders at San Bernardino or the fact that America was attacked by terrorists...again. Oh. But he spent only 6 and a 1/2 minutes talking about terrorists while he spent 3 1/2 minutes talking about not discriminating against Muslims. Didn't mention first responders because.
  So what was it about?
  I think....I'm just guessing was an attempt to comfort people that he's hard at work on the job keeping Americans safe in spite of reports that numerous military and security agencies have said Obama ignores the truth about our nation's security.
  And then back to the party.
AP Photo from USA Today

  Yes, back to the party, where the likes of John Kerry (ISIS is a nuisance!) can fete his neighbors for their accomplishments of making movies and singing and stuff.
  And then there's the party--a ball!--tonight, where Michelle! will be able to wear yet another Oscar de la Renta gown that costs a year's salary for those poor McDonald's workers the left is always lamenting.
   But, hey, it's not like it's D-Day all over again or anything.

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