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Friday, December 4, 2015

Terrorists' family attorneys press conference was RIDICULOUS

  Wow. That was the worst press conference I have ever seen, excepting maybe when Patricia Schroeder, running for POTUS, burst into tears when she withdrew from the race.
  Or maybe Gary Rice declaring follow me.
  There was some Democrat who turned into a nutbag on camera too and broke down weeping but I can't remember his name.
  This press conference was absurd.
  They blamed the FBI for investigating. 
  Whined about family members being QUESTIONED about what their family members did.
  Complained the murderer was BULLIED over a beard.
  Said TWO DAYS AFTER THE MURDERS that this press conference was ALL ABOUT HEALING and FORGIVENESS.
  The FBI is being MEAN to the family members.
  The murderous woman was simply a "caring housewife," quiet and demure.
  The murderous son tinkered with cars.
  The family had NO IDEA there were dozens of bombs and ammo and a bomb making facility in their dwellings.
  This ISN'T what America is ABOUT, they explained, and what AMERICA IS ABOUT is freedom of faith and loving Muslims who never DREAM of doing anything like this.
  There is NO connection, the nutbag lawyers explained, between the murderers and terrorist organizations and the FBI is leaping to conclusions.
  One lawyer actually said just because he looked at a Britney Spears video didn't mean anything because he hates Britney Spears' music just as Farook spent time on terrorist websites, the wife LIKED something on Facebook and they destroyed their hard drives and phones, put on Kevlar and set pipe bombs in the facility...that doesn't mean they were terrorists!
  I realize that was a poorly written sentence but I'm so mad right now I could spit.
  Meanwhile local concerns are that there are more men in this terror cell in San Bernardino.
  And typical of the Obama outlook on how to manipulate the sheeple.
  MEANWHILE, does America even know we've been hit by a terrorist attack? AGAIN?
  Just a coupla misunderstood gentle giants, RIGHT?

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  1. George Bush didn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the World Trade Center. Perhaps now the media will explore the the downside of placing a pathological narcissist in the White House, the ultra cool No Drama Obama who can endure the loss of innocent life without missing a round of golf. In my circle the debating topic is what to attribute Obama's behavior of late. Is it massive stupidity or treason? Just because we don't hear that word on television does not mean it isn't spoken in personal conversations. Fourteen people dead and the White House's talking points shift from global warming to gun control and the need to import more terrorists.

    It is amazing and pathetic that Americans must look to France and Russia for examples of executive leadership.