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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Obama: a clown on a world stage

  Apparently Obama didn't get "the signal" in Paris when he talked and talked and talked as the French buzzer kept ringing to get him off the stage. Where's a good hook when you need it?
  He's got his big boy face on when he gets buzzed repeatedly; allotted 3 minutes as all leaders, Obama went on and on for a grand total time of 11 minutes over the allotted time others went by.
  It's funny how he purses his mouth up and sternly stares that blank stare out into the crowd, as if people are actually still taking him seriously.
  Does this guy, who thinks he's a "pretty good president" who ought to be able to run again, not know he's a world laughing stock, voiced out loud by Putin and whispered by many Americans?
  Even some of the faithful can now see it.
  So Mr. Finger Wagging Put Myself in Every Picture-Talk as Long as I want Without Answering Questions--apparently didn't get the signal that he should STFU.
  He's not the anti-Christ but he sure is an agent of the apocalypse.
  Just sayin.'

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