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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shake the bushes and you'll scare out the rabbits

The adage states "Shake the bushes and you'll scare out the rabbits" but who knew the ACLU was this hare brained? The ACLU did eventually sack board member Loring Wirbel but not until after it had defended his right to urge his FaceBook followers to shoot Republicans. Considering the organization's historical reverence for the first amendment and its recent misguided crusade against gun ownership having a director who urged gun violence against the voters must have been just too embarrassing to sustain.
Wirbel at first tried the Weiner defense maintaining that the screen capture of his post was somehow a collection of things he posted in the past and did not reflect the contents of this post.

One wonders if the Colorado Springs Police Department, FaceBook, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch would have been so sanguine and so protective of Wirbel's right to his opinion had he suggested shooting Muslims before election day.
While I have some concern that I may enjoy the Trump campaign a lot more than the Trump administration I subscribe to the opinion that only a polarizing candidate can win the 2016 election. Any candidate genuinely against the Washington Establishment, its corruption and its political correctness is, ipso facto, polarizing. The louder Trump turns up the volume the more rabbits like Wirbel will jump out of the bushes and it will be Hillary who will have to defend her loony surrogates and followers.

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