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Monday, July 8, 2013

Out-Sataning Satan

  As a small time blogger (and I do mean small), rather than compete with the millions who read Drudge Report every ten minutes, I'm thinking lately you have to be selective with regard to blog topics. 
  We tend to focus on the economy and the more outrageous and flagrant violations of morality and the law.
  The problem with that philosophy is that there have been so many outrageous flagrant violations of morality and/or the law that you get overwhelmed. I mean seriously. It's exhausting.
  You don't want to be raging all the time, perpetually shrieking about this or that situation created by the commies currently in charge of our government.
  So with that boundary in mind, I'm going to break my own rule (however loose) and make sure my reader knows about this happened the other day.
  So I've written about the Wendy Davis Texan situation who filibustered for over 11 hours to make sure that Texans have the right to end the lives of in utero babies beyond 20 weeks.
  But listen to this study in macabre contrast.
  While the pro-life supporters were singing "Amazing Grace" during the abortion debate, the pro-death supporters (who are more Leftist than Europe in their desire to see unbridled public provided abortion at any baby's stage of life) decided they'd chant "Hail Satan," an act that wasn't unique to that occasion and has happened several times.
  Here's a picture of the charming individuals who are pro-death Satan chanters.
  The Blaze has more pictures of these charming individuals who lack only underarm hair to make them yet more appealing though I'm sure we look closely enough,we'll find someone who fits that description.
  Naturally Leftists went into overdrive, claiming it wasn't so, it's only 5 people, it was all a joke, blah blah blah.
  Unfortunately there's video, as always seems to happen, gol-darn-it!
  In addition, some Leftist put a really nasty sign into a little girl's hands to protest any change to abortion law in Texas. (The changes include cleaning up abortion clinics, ala Gosnell and, yes, there are more Gosnells out there.)
  The Atlantic's Elspeth Reeve leap into ridicule/action, mocking the pro-lifers' and conservative bloggers' concern that "Hail Satan!" is the new chant for abortionists and the "fake" nasty sign and claiming it was all a lie! and not true!
  (You remember Elspeth Reeve. She's the lying hack blonde who's married to the phony liar "military" blogger Scott Beauchamp who made up all kinds of nasty stuff about the military and was later proven to be the fraud he is. Oddly she's still married to him.)
  And then there's those shrill pro-deathers who screamed eff you at the pro lifers and then slumped down into a meditative circle of solemn and intent peaceniks. Uh huh.They're genuinely in love with all of humanity, eh?
  And unfortunately for Elspeth Reeve and other Leftists, there's lots of video and a few dated photos and so, as Twitchy snarks, Reeve was forced to eat crow to acknowledge the pro-lifers are right, though you won't note that on the link above.
  From LifeNews, you hear the chant clearly:

  Turns out the Church of Satan is, um, pro life and has denounced the pro deathers tactics, protesting:
Unfortunate to see Satan's name used in such a diabolical manner. Another example of what 'Satanism' doesn't represent. #HailSatan
— UK Church of Satan (@UKChurchofSatan) July 3, 2013
later emphasized again in this tweet:
Why wouldn't Satanism be pro-life? What else is there? We are all free to make choices. Agreeable or not. Everyone is entitled to choice.
  How many times am I going to agree with the Church of Satan? I might iterate this will undoubtedly be the first and last time.
  Those pro-deathers ought to be proud of themselves them.
  How often do you get to out-evil Satan?
  Hoosierman's pro-life report is indeed encouraging, especially considering that only 14 percent of the public favor abortion in the third trimester.
  I shudder as I write that.

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