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Saturday, July 6, 2013

US abortionists more Leftist than Europe

  In case you are pro-choice and think that the restrictions Texan legislators are trying to impose on abortions are excessive--you know, like no killing BABIES after 20 weeks in the womb--take a look at the "restrictions" Europe puts on pregnant women here from the BBC, of all places:
BBC graphic

  In general, 12 weeks is the guideline limit for abortion; after that period, the procedure of abortion has strict restrictions concerning who is eligible, including such policies as informational sessions, counseling, the admonition that the unborn have a right to life and, in some cases, medical committee approval
  From the BBC, we learn the abortion policies in:
The woman must claim to be in a "state of distress" because of her pregnancy. After 12 weeks, abortions are allowed only if the pregnancy poses a grave danger to the woman's health or there is a risk the child will suffer from a severe illness recognised as incurable. If this is the case, two doctors must confirm the risk to the health of the woman or foetus.
The woman must receive proper counselling three days before the procedure. The state-regulated counselling is required to inform the woman that the unborn have a right to life and to try to convince her to continue her pregnancy. 
A one-week reflection period is imposed unless the situation is one of urgency. A certificate confirming the pregnancy and the request for termination must be issued by a doctor and signed by the woman and the doctor. 
  Despicable Texas Senator Wendy Davis wore pink tennis shoes, a back brace and a catheter to filibuster for 13 hours against improving abortion clinic regulations (ala Gosnell) and against limiting abortion to 20 weeks.
  These charming women pictured at the Daily Mail cheered Davis's tearful victory of murdering babies up to 40 weeks:
Daily Mail A/P

  Now Davis is excitedly running from news outlet to news outlet, claiming the exhilarating experience now makes her eligible and interested in running for governor.
  Apparently the issue is "women's reproductive rights" rather than the rights of the most vulnerable among us. Even if you think abortion is ok, most Americans believe you should get the abortion before the "fetus" is mature enough to survive outside the womb.
  But CNN contributor Reuben Navarrette is outraged, outraged at the incivility of arguing with a pro abort like Wendy Davis. 
  Once again, Navarrette descends to Leftist stereotypes and sexism, claiming Gov. Rick Perry is a "condescending" "bully" because apparently if you're a woman, no one is supposed to disagree with your holiness. 
  Perry had the nerve to disagree with Davis, referencing her own "life story" as a reason to keep a child rather than abort it. Davis's mother was a single mother and Davis herself a teen mother.
  For mentioning those personal facts which are touted on Davis's website as evidence of her gutsiness and courage, Perry is a bully.
  This how an in vitro child becomes simply a "woman's life story" rather than a human being with a right to life.
  Perhaps Navarrette's most laughable observations are found early in his column:
But the ruckus is also about saying the wrong thing in the wrong way, and coming off like a jerk in the process. It's about etiquette and character, and how intensely unlikable a politician can become when he is running low on both.
  See, the problem with your reasoning is, Reuben, that Leftists are the most uncivil of political animals. They're the name callers--just like you--and they're nasty at that.
  We have example after example after example of their intolerance, including our current POTUS, who practices gutter politics, keeps an enemies list and who's made an industry of encouraging his supporters to harm their opponents.
  With regard to the Texas abortion bill (which will be returning for a vote and Perry is eager to sign) and which would still be liberal even in Europe, the behavior of the pro-choice crowd in the Capitol building speaks louder than any Reuben Navarrette column.
  But that's fodder for a post all its own.

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