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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paul Ryan Still A Tea Party Favorite

And the winner is? Paul Ryan. Really?

This findings in this Pew Poll shouldn't be a surprise. After all Ryan was well liked as a veep candidate. His flirtation with amnesty has made some of us nervous but he has not involved himself in any controversy since he was picked by Romney. He remains one of the most knowledge fiscal thinkers in the Republican Party and a bona fide foe of big government.
Fully 69% of Tea Party Republican voters want Republican leaders in Washington to move in a more conservative direction. That compares with just 43% of all non-Tea Party Republicans and just 24% of moderates who do not agree with the Tea Party. This chart shows the support the above Republicans have among Tea Party and non Tea party Republicans.

Evidently Tea Party Republicans have had their fill of Chris Christie but notice Ted Cruz and his appeal to the Tea Party; 48% favorable to only 9% unfavorable and 43% don't know him. He has room to run.


  1. Replies
    1. I like Ted Cruz; Rick Perry's running and will be sharper than last time due to back surgery. Keeping my eye on Rand Paul. I also don't think Chris Christie, even if he runs as a Democrat, would be the Devil Incarnate.

      We need some fiscal sanity. It'd help if the POUTUS wasn't crazy too.

    2. I should also say that Paul Ryan has disappointed because of the immigration push, which could be done right but that herd of RINOs seems intent on dong it wrong and as illicitly to the American ideal as possible. That's why I'm skeptical of him.

  2. I think Cruz is really exciting and hope I don't have to choose between him and Rand Paul. I'll pass on Christie.