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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A nation of idiots

What is the reason for the national interest in the trial of George Zimmerman? Why is this nation so divided along racial lines? What made this case so gripping and on the the talk of almost everyone? I believe we have come to the end of civilization as we know it. Could it be that this has all been because the TV shows have been so bland that the writers for TV shows have now become journalist?
   As I have listened from afar(some of us work for a living) to some of the comments leading up to the trial and the trial, I was shocked to hear the assumptions made about the case without bothering to know JACK about the LAW or FACTS. Instead we have listened to people drone on and on about the "mind" of George Zimmerman and the "Motives" of George Zimmerman without bothering to really make this a FACT. We don't need facts anymore, all we need is assumptions and then have RACE Baiting people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and even Barack Obama and there you have it.... the perfect summer blockbuster .... WHITE PEOPLE STILL KILL BLACK PEOPLE.
  Now don't you feel bad again. You are so special and privileged. Now you need to beg for forgiveness for George Zimmerman be found not guilty. Imagine that.... FEEL GUILTY ABOUT NOT GUILTY. And ASHAMED.
   You see, the nation is becoming desensitized to this. It isn't enough to elect a BLACK president. You must not only elect him ... but you must call him cool.
Then ... even if he SUCKS as being president ... you dare not criticize him, because he is BLACK you know.
Then if he and his Administration do bad things to white "tea party" people should just shut up because he is BLACK you know.
Then this kid is killed and guess what? if the president had a son.... he would look like him.... because he is BLACK you know.
Well, this is what I know.... all the stupid stuff being said right now is so pointless and yet predictable. This case is not done because we have not been made to be felt guilty enough yet.
I keep hearing hypothetical questions and hypothetical answers and therein is the problem... we are more involved in HYPOTHETICAL situations than reality. I am sickened  and fearful that the nation has been duped into actually believing what they HEAR.
Well here is a hypothetical for you.... how many BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD watches are being set up to protect themselves in Chicago. Isn't that Obama's home turf? Can you find a BLACK MALE willing to stand up to all the BLACK MALES killing people there... or do you need to contract with ????? I won't say George Zimmerman... that would be too insensitive and Racial. DEAL with REALITY not HYPOTHETICAL issues. This is not a reality show it is reality.

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