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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weiner proves he's a pervert

  And he'll probably be the mayor of New York.
  Gosh darn it.
  Leftists will vote for anyone.
  New sexts and a picture have "emerged."
  You can view one here.
  "Hurt my wife yada yada...deeplyflawednotperfect yada yada...move on yada yada... nothing to see here SQUIRREL!! yada yada!"
  This is one sick puppy.
  We're thrilled to learn Huma forgives her husband....still.
  What is wrong with women who do this? When you consider who her boss is, it's not surprising.
  Or does she have other reasons for sticking with him?
  After all, she has access to some pretty important information and ears right where she is.
  But it's all no biggie, Weiner claims, even though these sexts & the photo were sent a year after he resigned.
  And he kept in touch with her until April.

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