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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Church Pleads on Facebook for Couple to Adopt Downs Syndrome Baby

Every once in awhile we get a story that makes you really proud of the American people. The Holy Trinity Catholic Church of Gainsville, Virginia has been deluged by over 900 offers to adopt a baby with Downs Syndrome that would otherwise be aborted. The mother and her partner agreed to not to abort the baby if someone would adopt it. Lead Pastor Father Vander Woude took his plea to Facebook.

"When we got in and opened up around 9:30, it was nearly nonstop. All day long, we were receiving phone calls from people who wanted to adopt the baby, Father Vander Woude has gotten over 900 emails in regard to the baby."
Offers poured in from outside the United State too including from England, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands. There was an urgency in the appeal. The woman was almost 6 months pregnant and nearing the end of the time for a legal abortion.

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