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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman verdict reveals the Left's lack of reality

  What a sad and bizarre series of events the past 17 months have held in the Zimmerman trial. It was obvious from the beginning that the state had no evidence but overcharged Zimmerman because of public pressure.
  Now we learn that Obama's Organizing for Action was present last night with attendance check in sheets for participants. Were they paid? 
  It was also remarkable the number of expensive professionally produced signs being held by protesters around the country.
AP Photo from Sanford
Photo from BayNews Sanfrancisco
Photo from Getty Images Sanford (Communist Party)

  We already knew that the DOJ had sent taxpayer funded "peacemakers" to agitate  the Sharpton types--something MSNBC calls "negotiat[ing] peace"--but now we've learned that DOJ employee Thomas Battles actually encouraged racial unrest in an audio recording discovered by Judicial Watch:
When Trayvon happened, for many of us, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back,” the man said. “We had grown up in a state and environment where race is a way of life … We’re not from Sanford, but what Sanford represented to us was the very real problems going around this state and this country. We wanted to figure out how could we stand in solidarity, and how could we make this about not just justice for Trayvon, but using this moment and using the opportunity to honor his memory, to honor his spirit by working to bring down the various structures and the various systems that allow something like this to happen.”
  In the past 17 months we listened as it was revealed that the NBC "news" organization edited audio to make it sound like Zimmerman was a racist. 
  The NYT coined the term "White Hispanic" to increase public animosity against Zimmerman.
  Because Whites are always the ones who are racist. It's an after-fact that Zimmerman was half Hispanic.
  The President even got into the act, claiming Zimmerman acted stupidly saying Trayvon could have been his son.
  And J. Christian Adams exposed the racist, bigoted slant of Holder's DOJ--the AG who called us all a "nation of cowards" with regard to race--writing that the DOJ has quite deliberately refused to even enforce the law when it comes to Whites but actively reinforces Black civil rights. 
  One has to wonder about the motives and goals of those promoting Trayvon Martin as a victim of a racist vigilante.
  Zimmerman's mixed race gated community that had appointed Zimmerman Neighborhood Watch captain had suffered in the year prior to the Zimmerman/Martin encounter:
 "Crimes committed at The Retreat in the year prior to Martin's death included eight burglaries, nine thefts, and one shooting. Twin Lakes residents said there were dozens of reports of attempted break-ins, which had created an atmosphere of fear in their neighborhood."
  These crimes were why the Neighborhood Watch was created. On many occasions, young men just like Trayvon were caught or seen peering in windows. 
  The night Zimmerman saw Trayvon it was raining and "the child" was skulking about in the rain, "looking around,"his hand in his pants," meandering.
  Yet why would Zimmerman, called a vigilante by the prosecution, call 911 to report Martin's behavior, anxiously requesting police presence as quickly as possible? It doesn't make much sense.
  (Martin left the store, which was a 10 minute walk away, at 6:29. Zimmerman spotted him at 7:05 and made his 911 call at 7:09.)
  You can read the Zimmerman transcript of his conversation with the police here. The wandering hoodied individual is "coming to check me out", Zimmerman tells the police nervously, arranging to meet the officers at the mailboxes.
  This we have on record with the police. What happens next is Zimmerman's personal testimony of the encounter when he wrote up the incident for the police, saying  that he was surprised when he headed back toward his vehicle and Martin, who was high this night, "emerged from the darkness" and said, "You got a problem...." threatened him and then hit him, detailed here.
  Meanwhile we know that, at 16, Martin had been suspended from school 3 times: once for skipping school and being late to class, once for drug paraphernalia and last for graffiti on school property. 
  He was also a suspect in a theft. He had 12 pieces of women's jewelry in his bag, which he claimed was a friend's. His mother had sent him to live with his father because she feared he would get into more trouble.
  This is certainly not to imply that Martin deserved to be shot, just that he was a young man on the wrong path and was quite capable of being the aggressor toward Zimmerman. 
  And it speaks to character. Certainly his parents tried to keep him on the right path. It wasn't working.
  The state's IT director reported that the prosecution had deleted photos that indicated a pretty decadent teenager and was promptly fired for "misconduct" and "sabotage" for whistleblowing, untrustworthy for revealing the truth.
  From the British Daily Mail, we learn that Kruidbos, the IT director for the state, found this:
Kruidbos said he generated a report that was more than three times the size of the one that had been handed over.
For example, Kruidbos said that 2,958 photos were in the report given to the defense but that his report contained 4,275 photos.
  Deleted texts and photos, according to Kruidbos, included:
  To withhold this information impeded the defense's case, yet the state was not only eager to do it, but punitive toward the person who felt compelled to reveal the truth.
  MSNBC has been ripping on the prosecution for not doing a good job; well, they didn't, but the truth is there wasn't anything to work with. 
  MSNBC, along with the DOJ and the race baiters, is working hard to gin up racial animus, using commentators who are solemnly intoning that Whites are prejudiced and the unfairness of this verdict indicates that, though we have made progress, we are still a racist nation.
  In addition, the race baiters are trying to make profiling a crime.
  There's no denying that young Black men have difficult lives. Black teens have an unemployment rate of 43%.
  If you're a high school dropout, your chance at getting a job is a shocking 5%.
  About 40% of the prison population is Black, even though Blacks make up 12 1/2% of the population.
  But who reports that ninety percent of Black murder victims are murdered by other Black people?
  In Chicago alone, 20 people were murdered in the first week of July and 10 people in the last three days. All were Black.
  Who cares? What Black Leftist cultural icon takes responsibility for this or even makes an attempt to understand the underlying causes of Black crime?
  In fact, more people were killed in Chicago in the last six months than in Iraq.
  Almost 2000 Black babies are aborted every day.
  And almost 70% of Black babies are born out of wedlock, which is the fastest way to poverty.
  This is not to vindicate the rest of America or Whites as far as abortion, lack of education, acts of violence and out of wedlock births.
  We all need to look in the mirror when it comes to pointing fingers at perpetrators of evil and its causes.
  But the aggrieved, melodramatic, high dudgeon behavior of many Leftists and Black people around the country today omits any sense of self doubt or reflection.
  Instead we hear MSNBC's White commentators confessing to Black fellow panelists that they have "White guilt" for the verdict...that the poor Black people are always meanly treated by the law and by the majority in this country. 
  Yet all the participants in this panel are well-heeled, successful people who live in exclusive neighborhoods that most of us of any race couldn't afford.
  And these wealthy folk are making a living off the travails of indigent Black citizens of this country who are being murdered at an astounding rate by their own race.
  Where's the justice in that? 
  Where's the effort to restore the Black family? Where's the attempt to heal racial fissures instead of widen them? Where's the encouragement to achieve success without damaging the lives and reputations of others?
  The Zimmerman/Martin case has revealed that the racial divide is indeed deep in this country.
  But the racial divide has been ginned up, agitated and directly enhanced by this administration, who have intentionally set out to favor Blacks through the law and the transference of wealth from one group to another, encouraging dependency and entitlement.
  And these actions have only damaged the Black community, who invariably look to distant lawmakers for help, lawmakers and race baiters who are making millions of dollars for themselves off the dissent and unhappiness of millions of people.
  These are matters of both the law and the soul.
  Though Leftists continue to pound the Tea Party as mean and divisive, the truth is that Leftists have destroyed the greatest cities in this country and even the states. One look at Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, even nearby Toledo and one can see that the problems are too deep to be solved easily.
  Too many pension debts. Too many fires. Too many acts of violence. Too many promises not able to keep.
   I repeat the Tea Party call for prayer and fasting for this great nation.
  Uncle Sam is indeed wobbling on osteoporotic bones.
  But the people who are engineering protests around this country and actively trying to use the verdict for their own advantage are criminals themselves, if not legally then certainly morally.
  Leaders like Ben Carson, Tim Scott, Gov. Martinez, Mia Love, Deneen Borelli, Artur Davis and Star Parker are needed now more than ever. 
UPDATE: It appears now that the Miami police department and school district conspired to purposefully alter the true statistics of criminal acts by young black males to make the community believe they had reined in problems and had worked to improve teenage behavior.  Really did Trayvon a favor, huh.

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