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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leftist loonies are all over the airwaves

  I don't know if it's the opportunity, boldness because of their hero POUTUS, or the moon, but lately Leftist have been openly spouting their craziness, which is really a good thing in the long run because we get to see the underlying motives for their behavior.
  AND we get to see who they really are, which ain't so pretty.
  For example, in the past a tv host--well, at least CNN since MSNBC is off the charts weird-- would at least avoid looking petulant, spoiled and openly antagonistic toward guests.
  Not so for CNN's Don Lemon, who verbally assaulted a guest who questioned Obama's claim he had been discriminated against. Lemon claimed the white guest had no right to have an opinion on POUTUS, that he wasn't in their bodies and that the guest's "white entitlement" caused him to "filter through a place of privilege that [the guest] didn't understand.
  In the past, for those who do not know, broadcast journalists hid their personal biases.
  Then there's Professor Melissa Harris-Perry, whose weepy prejudice is on display daily over at MSNBC; she rode high on the sobbing wave of fabricated despair of the well heeled elite who decried the "not guilty" verdict of the not guilty Zimmerman.
  When Texas passed a law to clean up abortion clinics this month, MHP was not happy. Toward the end of the argument in the Texas state house, protesting women (all attractive, no doubt) were caught bringing in jars of urine, feces and used tampons, to which feminists around the nation claimed that this was part of the Republican war on women.
  Showing their tampons became all the rage at rallies, although these feminists conveniently forget to mention that the ones to be thrown at the Texas legislators were used.
  So MHP goes on tv, lisping in that cutesy way of hers, that her producer had made her a clever set of tampon earrings, which she dramatically hung from her cute little ears. See? Ain't she cute?
photo from Daily Mail

  Some are wondering if the tampon earrings have poisoned her brain.Um, no. She's always like that.
  Stop me if you've heard THIS one before. Ya been hot this summer? Well, if you'd only change your way of thinking, ya wouldn't need air conditioning! 
  The Boston Globe's Ideas Reporter says we ought to consider not using AC because it isn't natural. It'd save money, after all, and the environment.
A lot would have to change. We’d wake up earlier, and nap in the middle of the day to make up for it. We’d ride bikes and scooters everywhere, and swimming would replace running as the preferred form of exercise. Maybe we’d see the return of porch culture—of screened-in card games and flowing iced tea. And maybe we’d start taking pride in tricking out our finished basements. After a while we’d get used to it, just like we got used to the artificial indoor chill we take for granted now. And who knows—eventually we might even come to like it.
  One can only imagine that the Ideas Reporter himself tries sleeping upstairs on limp damp sheets in 85 degree nighttime weather.
  I could go on because, really, this stuff is funny but I don't want to bore you. Oh, well, a couple more.
  Elitist Andrew Sullivan cheerfully hopes that America will no longer be a super power and he's looking forward to it: 
"“I think the transition to a post-imperial America is coming,” Sullivan added.  “I think it’s overdue, and I welcome it.”
  Because, you know, Andrew Sullivan will still have a good income, a comfortable home and his proper place in the Hollywood/DC party circuit.
  And, you know, it'll be great when China and Iran are able to yield their imperial power over the rest of the world. They're kinda like big brothers to all the weaklings out there and big brothers are always nice, right?
  There's more, but I'm saving it for a post about how Leftists are trying to shirk responsibility for the mess that is Detroit.
  And, wow, that's a doozy.

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  1. I rarely see Don Lemon but I did catch this flipping through the dial. I was appalled at his insistence that his guest enjoys some sort of privilege (coming from a highly paid member of the most privileged class of all, the journalist class)and was annoyed at the way he dismissed all of his comments as "knee-jerk."