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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Peak OIL Blog Calls it Quits

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The concept of peak oil dates all the way back to 1956. Like Paul Ehrlich's The Population Bomb which was published in 1968 it has a pessimism that infatuates the left. When Ehrlich wrote his doomsday scenario both China and India were incapable of feeding themselves. While both countries still have poverty their development over the past 40 years would have, if not for the adoring and glooming left, made Ehrlich the posthumous laughing stock of his era. The concept of peak oil is pretty simple and simplistic. Supposedly by the mid 50's the world had discovered all of the easily recoverable crude oil so from then on it was downhill. The only energy that mankind could depend on was the inefficient renewable brand. The patent fallacy of the peak oil hypothesis was it assumed 1950's technology and 1950's pricing.
With the advent of fracking, while peak oil adherents still infest the EPA and Department of Energy, public sympathy has waned to the point that The Oil Drum, the premier blog on the subject, has shut down. The post garnered more than 700 comments from readers mourning the site’s virtual death.
Cheer up! In spite of the considerable expense of maintaining the site which may exceed $100 annually they will keep all the old posts online for nostalgic readers. 

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