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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is Reuters a Climate Change Skeptic?

Most reader probably are not aware of the growing "climate of fear" at Reuters. Reuters has done such good job of keeping it under wraps that only Think Progress knows about it. It is not known if the fear is palpable or just the garden variety phobia that haunts paranoid writers but Think Progress has uncovered -ready- It has uncovered hostility toward climate change at Reuters. In a hard hitting, take no prisoners expose' Think Progress finds, in effect, that Reuters would occasionally like to publish articles that people would read rather than those its reporters would like to write.

Reuters Exposed: Publication Openly Hostile To Climate Coverage, Top Editor Doubts Climate Science

It all began in 2012 when David Fogarty, former Reuters climate change correspondent in Asia, was told to find something other than climate change to write about. Imagine! What else is worth writing about?
According to Fogarty, “from very early in 2012, I was repeatedly told that climate and environment stories were no longer a top priority for Reuters and I was asked to look at other areas. Being stubborn, and passionate about my climate change beat, I largely ignored the directive.”
As often happens to people who ignore directives from the boss Fogarty is no longer with Reuters.
In an email to Climate Progress, Fogarty explained:
I wrote the post purely to highlight the troubling and puzzling decline in reporting on climate and environment issues by Reuters. The company had a great team of dedicated climate and environment reporters and Reuters earned a well-deserved reputation for objective and thorough reporting in this field. But over a very short space of time, the support and resources for reporting the climate and environment story were withdrawn.
Perhaps the chart below from Google Trends can help Fogarty to discern the cause of his troubling and puzzling decline. Nobody gives a damn!
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