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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Michelle's own little GetMo

  Well, it looks like Michelle's earlier remark that the White House is like "a prison. A very nice prison, but a prison" has irritated a few patriots.
  You know, we folks who do not have access to $180,000 an hour jets and thousand dollar dresses, our own chefs, fitness trainers, and a huge entourage of Democrat media personalities willing to wax eloquent about how flabby toned our upper arms are.
  So some clever wag created a Twitter hashtag #MichellesPrison which Twitchy has meticulously recorded here.
  So I was thinking that, given the new demands of the prisoners at Gitmo, we really ought to think how we can improve poor Michelle's miserable existence. Gitmo prisoners only cost US taxpayers $800,000 per prisoner per year so it appears that Michelle's Prison (GetMo) (just her family) costs the taxpayers $1.4 billion per year, we're getting off cheap with Gitmo as opposed to GetMo.
  Just wondering what Michelle O's demands will be, considering how she's "suffered" as she complained to the Senegalese children, throughout her life as a child in an upper class family and now as we realize how she's suffering in "prison."
  Will it be a new chef? Perhaps more Photoshopped Vogue covers? Fewer responsibilities? And why can't SHE always be pictured wearing a halo?
  We'll have to see.
  One thing's for sure. She won't be going on a hunger strike in GetMo, like the prisoners in Gitmo.

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