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Friday, July 12, 2013

Unpleasant realities of the Zimmerman trial

  Now that the Zimmerman trial has gone to the jury, it's interesting to note that the case perfectly defines the racial divide in this country.
  Many commentators are reflecting that the state simply had nothing to work with and had nothing to go on. No witnesses, no unreasonable doubt, no facts.
  What's sad is that if you had a neighborhood watch in your neighborhood, Zimmerman is exactly the kind of guy you'd want to be patrolling: concerned, caring, unbiased...
  Other remarkable items:
  • The former Sanford police chief was removed because he saw Zimmerman as a man defending himself and did not press charges. 
  • The media has been attempting to paint Zimmerman as a "white" Hispanic racist since the incident came to light. If he were Black, would we have seen any such treatment? Indeed, if Martin were White, would we have seen any such treatment?
  • Media have been fired for altering audio to prove Zimmerman was a racist.
  • The new Sanford police chief is the more politically correct Black.
  • Trayvon Martin's father first denied his son was the one screaming help me and then changed his story.
  • The state withheld evidence from the defense. Why?
  • When the state could not prove its case except emotionally, they requested an additional charge of manslaughterallowable by Florida law. Many people said from the beginning that the state had overcharged. 
  • The state tried to keep out of evidence Martin's history of anti-social behavior.
  • Martin was high during the encounter, a fact the state wanted to keep out of trial. He had a history of marijuana use.
  • Martin had been an athlete, 17 years old, and 3 inches taller than Zimmerman. Zimmerman was physically "soft" and 28 years old.
  • The state's primary witness was both unpleasant and illiterate; she could barely function in the educational world yet commentators claimed her racist comment proved her authenticity, yet Martin proponents claimed she was a "Sojourner Truth" who was "mugged by the defense." She also lied about her age, claiming she was only 16. She's 18.
  • Racists like Sharpton and Jackson flew in to Sanford, along with bused in protestors, to agitate racial unrest. Even the new Sanford police chief acknowledged such with his speech as soon as the jurors went to deliberation.
  • Oddly the first Martin "protest" took place in New York.
  • 21 other states have "stand your ground" laws.
  • The Obama administration has sanctioned racial division since the beginning, with comments like Martin would look like Obama and the CRS being utilized to pump up racial unrest, a fact we blogged at the time it was reported. Immediately protestors wearing "If I had a son" hoodies popped up around the nation. Even the NBA got in on the act.
  • The police did not pursue charges against Zimmerman for 44 days until the case became a cause celebre with racial agitators.
  • Trayvon's mother applied for a patent on CDs and DVDs under the names "I am Trayvon" and "Justice for Trayvon."
  • Trayvon had been in trouble at school (suspended) for drug use and fighting.

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  1. a concise and informative bullet list detailing the extraordinary overreach of a government and the cabal of saboteurs and provocateurs who presently inhabit its institutions. one look at the vodka soaked termagant on the bench and the ninnies in the jury box should be more than enough to convince any of us that the fix was in from the beginning.