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Monday, July 1, 2013

Record THEM, not ME! The arrogance of power

  In the completely phony argument to rush a completely phony immigration reform bill through the Senate, Democrats and some Republicans (no Rubio for me!) have insisted that unless Republicans change their dastardly ways, they are destined to become a permanent minority forever and ever and evah.
  Color me skeptical that Pelosi and Schumer have the best interests of the Republican Party in mind when they lobby to put millions and millions of new Democrat voters on the Obamacare and welfare trains.
  It was clever, really, that they pushed and pushed how mean Republicans are ("Seriously, Republicans, don't you want illegal immigrants to like you?")
  Never mind that the push was to put criminals in as legals. Would killing an American make you ineligible for citizenship? Of course not, since this administration argues that that is a legal matter, not an immigration one. These are people, after all, who deserve to be citizens of the US regardless their previous history of breaking the law and repeated DUIs.
  Never mind that somehow the Dems managed to completely knock out Rubio as a presidential contender because Tea Parties are furious.
  And never mind that Pelosi herself has admitted that the fact that 70% of Hispanics vote Democrat was just the push Leftists needed to pass the Immigration Bill.
  Many Republicans, IMHO, in general are completely disgusting individuals who are easily rolled and concerned about making sure at least they remain in office, even if in the minority.
  It's much easier, in a sense, being in the minority because all you have to do is propose stuff you know won't pass, accept the amenities of special interests and the perks that come with being in office, including those free parking spots at the airport and the easy pass through avoiding TSA fingering.
  Everyone knows we don't enforce the laws we have now. Why would Napolitano and the rest of the goons enforce new laws? They're not going to do it. We have border agents and their unions begging the House not to pass the Senate bill. Shouldn't they have a good idea of what's really going on at the border? 
  Instead Obama's party demonizes anyone who disagrees with them.
  At this point, we're waiting for the American people to get fed up with the corrupt officials in charge of this government.
  It's interesting that the Europeans suddenly have had a change of heart regarding Obama. 
  It's perfectly fine if this corrupt politician screws over Christians, Catholics, Jews but me? To screw over me, the Europeans cry, by recording all our conversations?! 
  Mais non! Inconceivable!
  You can join the Rubio naive by claiming, "Well, if you haven't done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about!"
  Wrong is a relative term, is it not? 
  When the press can make it a war against women to ban abortions over 20 weeks--something most Americans abhor-- anything anyone does can be construed as wrong, especially if enemies are recording and have access to all your conversations.
  Any judge--or Supreme Court Justice--can have their credibility damaged through bad and slanted press.
  So while we may agree that the US has a right to have secrets and everyone expects that wiretapping is part of secret services each country controls, it's hard not to be somewhat sympathetic with the criminal traitor Edward Snowden when he's revealed that Obama's after all of us, even us schmucks out here who have little influence over anyone.
  Well, this is the way it's going to have to go until people get tired of a world in which there are no rules and only corruption.

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