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Sunday, July 14, 2013

NAACP President Asked to Step Down After Questioning Travon Martin's Character

Keeping the young braves on the reservation has always been a problem. Young men, and women to a degree, are more idealistic and more apt to voice their true feelings than their elders. Such is the case of Tristan Breaux, 25, who was sworn in as president of the Norfolk, Virginia NAACP in January. It didn't take Breaux long to go of the reservation. In a FaceBook post he actually had the temerity to question the guilt of George Zimmerman.
As I look at this George Zimmerman case...I wonder why is it that we are always willing to say someone who clearly had a shaky past was the victim. Are we blinded about why Travon was at his dad's house in the first place, and why he wasn't at home at the time he was shot? Please think logically and not racially..
Don't count on reading about this in the mainstream media. A wacky nun fighting with her bishop might make a good story but an upstart NAACP president taking on Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and the entire Obama administration, well, nothing to see here. If Barack Obama had a son he definitely would not look like Tristan Breaux. Now the calls for for Mr. Breaux's scalp are coming and locals hope that the national NAACP will force him out.
Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick knows what's wrong with Breaux and he nails it.
"He obviously does not have the maturity when to speak and when not to speak."
I think that means he was speaking out of turn.
"I think this should be tried in the courtroom and not on social media," said former Norfolk NAACP President Bob Rawls.
Right. No one on Facebook or Twitter every mentioned the case. But the case was tried in a courtroom and the jury obviously shared Breaux's misgivings.


  1. With all due respect, my fellow Christian brothers and sisters:

    Norfolk, VA, NAACP President, Tristan Breaux, is correct to hold Trayvon accountable for his guilt, but I (a far-right Conservative) go one step further: I hold ALL THREE parties responsible for Travon’s death: See my most recent Facebook ‘note’ for proof of that:

    Huh?! All three? Yes, Zimmerman and Martin both had a right to be where they were -and “Stand their ground” — but a “third” party (the criminal or criminals, plural) who terrorized the neighborhood did NOT have a right to be there — and yet, their actions put Zimmerman in fear–and ultimately resulted in him following Trayvon — This frightened Trayvon Martin (and Zimmerman probably did not identify himself as a security officer) — Thus, while Zimmerman was not breaking the law, he was acting morally wrong –against God — A better person would have politely identified himself as a security officer — Martin was also wrong in over-reacting –and fighting Zimmerman — Zimmerman probably used excessive force — but, since he did not know that his life or health was not in danger, this over-reaction was small — The “main” guilty party was the 3rd one — the one no one has held accountable. (Again, see my note for a good discussion on this.)

    Tristan spoke the truth, and if the NAACP opposes him, they (you!) oppose truth -and bring discredit and dishonour to their organisation. Truly off-centre and bizarre — Tristian did not say that Zimmerman was totally or 100% innocent — and neither am I — so, why all the fuss about a ‘truth teller” named Tristan Breaux? Don’t oppose truth -or in so doing, thou shalt oppose Jesus.

  2. Could you post something other than a form letter? Had you bothered to read the above post you would have known that it was not about Trayvon Martin or George Zimmmerman. It was about a young man named Tristan Breaux who questioned the character of Martin, not his choice in apparel, not his right to wander unmolested through people's yards and not his youthful and unfortunate bravado.