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Thursday, July 11, 2013

This time, Leftists go too far

  I consoled myself a while ago that most of the country is not Leftist; that Leftists are out for themselves; that because they are out for themselves and their twisted "ideals" we just have to wait until they self destruct, because that they will surely do.
  It's pretty difficult to sit around and wait, especially after pouring so much into the last election and then watching Leftists attempt to destroy this country.
  It's even more difficult when your favorite talk radio hosts pound on all the negative things happening, including the incredible wussification of the Republican Party, which appears to be made up of yes men, sycophants and power mongers. 
  Rubio's out. I liked Rand Paul but now distrust him since one of his staff revealed (however inadvertently) that Paul is just "playing the game."
  The Republican bench is deep, however, and Ted Cruz who appears to be unafraid of the power mongers is a true leader. Rick Perry is looking better after his devastating presidential campaign, probably launched too early because of dealing with meds from painful back surgery. 
  But Obama is really proving who he is. I don't think it's cynical to say that he really doesn't care what's good for the country; he cares about installing his people into significant positions of power and he cares about "fundamentally transforming America," which isn't going as smoothly as he'd like.
  He also cares about vacations, golfing and padding his own nest. The power he claimed he didn't crave is enthralling him as he makes mistake after mistake.
  Not that he cares about making mistakes anymore now that he's been reelected.
  Bad optics don't bother him; what can anyone do to him? No one's going to impeach him, for all their bravado. Boehner's certainly no threat, and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor have proven to be disappointments.
  But I remain convinced that the American people will not tolerate the increasing vice of federal fingers around their throats. 
  Though it will take time and perspective, most people will come to understand that Obama and his bots don't care about racially uniting this country, they don't care about creating jobs and they don't care about the poor.
  Let's take for example what "educators" are trying to do to our schools. 
  Tremendous pushing has come from the homosexual/transgender activist community, particularly since the Supreme Court ruling, which I might remind people was about the estate tax. A homosexual couple can will their estate to each other.
  In Massachusetts in February of 2013, their Department of Education decreed that, up to the age of 14, students may enter bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex if those students identify that day with the opposite sex. 
  No doctor's note is necessary nor is a parent involved in this decision.
  In fact, if a girl is offended, disturbed or upset by a boy or boys being in their locker rooms, bathrooms and changing facilities, that girl can be accused of harassment or bias.
  In fact, "any outwardly negative reaction against transgenderism can now be considered bullying, and subject to discipline and punishment," because, you know, Leftists are really concerned about bullying, especially when it comes to people who don't think the way they do.
  This ruling applies to athletic teams also.
  As if it isn't enough to turn Massachusetts into a free for all at school, California's legislators have done the same thing with an openly gay activist politician writing and pushing Assembly Bill 1266 which awaits Gov. Moonbeam Brown's signature. Daily Caller:
If the new law goes into effect, it will be the first such law anywhere in the country that expressly insists that public school facilities and school-sponsored activities provide equal access to all students based purely on the way they feel about their genders.
“Our view is that California’s existing law should already require schools to provide transgender students with equal access to facilities and activities,” Shannon Price Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, told CNN.
  The consequences of this bill will be widespread and most probably devastating. 
  Imagine your daughter upset that a boy who has been harassing her decides to go to the principal and claim he identifies as a female; this boy will be able to change clothes with her in the locker room, play on her volleyball team and claim harassment if she complains about his intimate behavior.
  Though "women's" groups seem uninterested in defending "women" in this matter, the threat to upsetting the precarious sexual balance in schools, particularly high schools known for their hazards, should drive even Leftists to see the foolishness of such a law.
  But no. 
  Women's health? Don't worry about it.
  Though this bill is being touted as a significant gain for "transgender students' rights" it is really about discriminating against the 2 genders which make up 98% of this country.
  One can only imagine how Black and Hispanic groups in California, who were responsible for voting down homosexual marriage in California, will view such an intrusion into the lives of their children.
  Good luck with explaining that.
  And wait until athletic teams are disbanded because everyone from the coach to the players will be afraid to compete fairly for fear of being accused of "harassment."
  Just good luck with that.

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