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Monday, July 15, 2013

Obama Phones for Illegals Si!

This is a clever way to waste more tax dollars and buy future votes at the same time. It's just what the country needed; free cell phones for illegal immigrants.

Lifeline is promoting a new pamphlet to help illegals get the free phone service they richly deserve.
Are you an undocumented immigrant who needs a cell phone? Here’s good news. We’ve just published The Undocumented Immigrant’s Guide to Free Government Cell Phones.
Much to our surprise, there are no regulations that prohibit undocumented immigrants from getting these phones.
In fact, based on our research we assume many undocumented immigrants are already using the free government cell phone program to help land jobs, to keep in touch with doctors and other medical professionals, to stay in touch with their family, and to reach 911 in emergency situations.
The Undocumented Immigrant’s Guide to Free Government Cell Phones will teach you everything you need to know to get your own free cell phone, thanks to the generous U.S. government. It’s not illegal. You just have to know the rules.